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We accommodate our guests in only the highest quality hotels and ger camps that have been carefully selected for their comfort, service, ambience, cuisine, amenities, cleanliness and management. We believe that where you stay is ultimately as important as your journey.


Our guests’ meals are served in hotels and restaurants that are recognized for their superior service, quality cuisine and hygiene. We frequently re-evaluate these restaurants with both random inspections and by referring to previous clients’ feedback. Meals are usually served set menu style with options including Mongolian, Russian, Korean, and Western cuisine. For smaller groups of less than 4, there is also often an option to order from al-a-carte menus.


Our contemporary ranges of vehicles are one of the highest quality fleets in use in the Mongolian Tourism Industry. They are luxurious vehicles are operated by our highly trained and friendly drivers. Their experience is particularly important when covering Mongolian’s long distances and bumpy roads. Vehicle types vary from 4WD SUV’s and spacious Toyota station wagons to Delica Kia vans..


Our guides and tour conductors are leaders in their respective fields. They have been carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, resourcefulness, courtesy and attention to detail that are all essential characteristics of a quality guide. Our guides are your guarantee to ensuring that you experience the very best Mongolia has to offer, and that your trip will run smoothly and seamlessly. Over the course of your tour they will become presenters, companions, and the best of friends.

Customised Tours

Our personalised, tailor-made tours put you in control. At Mongolia steppe Tours every tour is private, flexible and customized to our guests’ exact needs. Start and end your adventure whenever you want, make any itinerary changes to suit your convenience. With your own vehicle, guide and driver, you are always in control.

Sightseeing & Cultural Attractrion

Mongolia steppe Gobi Tour you will also experience true cultural interaction to ensure that you really discover the customs and traditions of Mongolia. Hands-on participation in local activities, experience nomadic way of life, visits to isolated temple ruins and monasteries, and traditional performances will all contribute to your in-depth and exclusive experience of Mongolia. Our many years in operation have enabled us to establish the network and knowledge that provide us with the upper hand in cultural tours.

Responsible Tourism

Mongolia steppe Tours are committed to protecting the environment, our cultural heritage and animal welfare. We are proud to be regular contributors to a variety of sustainable programs, in particular nomadic culture reservation in Mongolia.

You can trust in Mongolia Steppe Tours just for some reasons:

Our slogan is Make your Mongolia tour once in a lifetime experience. Despite you choose Blue Gobi Tour or another helper, we will be happy to provide you with new, updated information about Mongolia as always. Your choice of traveling to Mongolia is our honor, we will unconditionally delight to welcome you.