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Chinggis Khan Birthplace

Chinggis Khan Birthplace

The birthplace of Monolian Genghis Khan is believed to lie at the confluence of the Onon and Balj rivers at Delüün Boldog in Khentii Aimag of Mongolia, 25km south of the national border with Russia. It’s a magnificent area of lakes, rivers and forests and days could be spent in th...

Mongolian Altan Ovoo Sacred Volcano

Altan Ovoo Sacred Volcano

Mongolian vast grassland of Dariganga  speckled with volcanic craters, small lakes and sand dunes, the sum of which makes the area one of the most scenic in Eastern Mongolia. Mongolian ancient dead volcano Altan Dari ovoo is one of first few state sacred mountain and maybe looks much mu...

Mongolian Buir Lake

Buir Lake

The biggest lake in the eastern region of Mongolia is Buir Lake. Mongolian Buir  lake is located 311 km distant from the east of Choibalsan city and is the fresh water lake where the most water birds gather in Mongolia." In 2004, the Buir Lake was included in the Ramsar List of Wet...

Mongolian Baldan Bereeven monastery

Baldan Bereeven Monastery

Mongolian Baldan Bereeven Monastery and its associated landscape is situated in the long and deep valley of the Baruun Jargalant River of Mongolia and within several picturesque sacred mountains such as Munkh Ulziit, Arvan Gurvan Sansar, Bayan Baraat, Bayan Khangai which are mountain branche...

Mongolian Ikh Burkhad Complex

Ikh Burkhant Complex

There is Ikh Burkhant complex with Buddha stone statue in Sumber soum, Dornod aimag of Mongolia. The sightseeing was built in 1859-1864 at the initiative of Togtokhtur Bat-Ochir (as called “To” prince) who was the prince of Khalkhiin Setsen Khan aimag of Mongolia. Mongolian monum...