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When you go traveling, you must not forget to bring your camera. However, a camera is not enough for those who want to see the world beauty closer. In this case, you need to have a binocular that is quite useful when you want to see something in the distance.


Fishing in Mongolia is one of the last adventures for fisherman who already were fishing all over our planet. Our tour offers you an opportunity to fish in some of the best waters of Mongolia.

Horse riding

Mongolia is home of nomadic culture. Almost half of the populations still remain to leave nomadic lifestyle. This trip gives you the opportunity to explore nomadic culture in depth, while riding horse without time limit in the wild, with the views of stunning mountains, wide-open valleys, clear water rivers and countless animals those grazing free.

Man in hike

The Mongolia offers an incredibly varied landscape of mountains, lakes and canyons, and it is best enjoyed on foot. For those with a passion for walking or trekking, or simply those with an extra taste for adventure, the green steppes and beautiful mountains with hills, Mongolian rivers will give you opportunity to enjoy your trekking.


The motocross tour of Active adventure will show you the highlights of Mongolia. You will explore the beauty of this land, the culture of its people. At the motocross tours you can get the knowledge of Mongolian history, National Reserves, National Parks, Lakes and of course the Culture of this great and big country.

Photo camera

Choosing the best camera for travel photography can make all the difference between returning home with wonderful memories of your trip or awful ones. You always want to make sure you carry the right gear with you when you’re visiting a new destination and it all starts with selecting the right camera for travel.
Mongolia steppe
16 days from $1980
Western mongolia
9 days from $1870
Northern mongolia
5 days from $1780
Southern mongolia
5 days from $1060
Southern mongolia
15 days from $2450
Southern - Central Norhern mongolia
12 days from $1710


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Hirundo Viaggi Tour from Italy
Dear Mongoliasteppe tours!
We had a great time in Mongolia, really liked the country and the people. Your service and Italian speaking guide was excellent. Thanks you very much.